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DynaVap M 2019 Edition Vaporizer


The upgraded 2019 DynaVap Vapcap M.  Still constructed from medical grade stainless steel, with improved airflow and enhanced tactile geometry.

Like all VapCaps, the 'M' arrives equipped with our signature temperature indicating cap providing simplicity and efficiency for all.

Building on the immense success of the original M, DynaVap have improved every aspect of the worlds reigning pound for pound champion of vaporizers, including:

Upgraded Tip:

  • Now machined with the new Serpentine groove, greatly improving both airflow and heat exchange.
  • Duplicated cutting edge of bowl to more replicate a Ti Tip, further improving airflow.

Fully redesigned Stem:

  • New dimpled effect, greatly improving grip.
  • New machined ridges at the end of the stem, preventing fingers slipping onto the tip.
  • Redesigned Airport with much larger milled in profile & machined facets surrounding the ring, making it easier to locate the airport from any orientation.
  • New Rocker design opposite the airport, makes it easier to feather.

All components are still modular, so the new 2019 Tip & Stem will be completely compatible with your favourite Vapcap pieces.

Manufactured in Wisconsin, USA, DynaVap have designed a device that works with practically any heat source from a mini torch lighter to a candle, even a burning ember from a camp fire.

Don't let it's size fool you though.  This thing is a monster, delivering powerful, incredibly tasty hits from tiny amounts of your chosen herbal mix in seconds.

Roughly the size of a cigarette simply fill the tip, place on the cap and heat until you hear the click.  Once you hear the cool down click you are ready to go again.

Ideal for camping trips, festivals or the end of days, but equally at home as your daily use Vaporizer.

Once you've owned a VapCap you don't go back.

What's included in the box:

1 x DynaVap M 2019 edition

1 x DynaVap airtight storage tube

Full Manufacturers Warranty and  VapeWellness Technical Support.

DynaVap M 2019 Edition Vaporizer

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