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Crafty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickle



Storz and Bickel burst out of the gates around the Y2K by putting a patent on the technology responsible for the creation of their signature vaporizer, the Volcano. Since then, the vaporizer community has been under their thumbs. The Crafty and its companions are some of the most well-made, hardiest devices you can buy. Holding a Crafty feels like holding 20 years’ worth of vaporizer research and development.

Not to mention, you can also use these features to vaporize your favorite concentrates other than dried herbs. This attention-to-detail guarantees that you will be enjoying your Crafty for a very long time.

Powerfully Small
The Crafty features Storz and Bickel’s signature convection/conduction engine in its tiny 0.3 lb frame, ensuring you receive both consistent and instant vapor. The heaters conduction allows for a heat-up time under three minutes, while still utilizing convection to provide constant, smooth vapor. Powered by a single lithium-ion battery that is capable of being used while charging. Even charging is a breeze, thanks to its use of a universal USB 3.0 charging port.

The Little Volcano
Measuring at 4.29 x 2.20 x 1.30 inches of dimension, the same design philosophies that went into the Volcano vaporizer are present in the Crafty. Already mentioned is the conduction/convection engine that is present in all of Storz & Bickel’s vaporizer. Another common thread is the use of ultra-tough, ultra-safe materials in building the device. This results in straightforward maintenance, and the Crafty allows you to break it down into several pieces for effortless cleaning.

Smart App, Smart Choice
Storz and Bickel never make products that lack in quality, and their app is just another example of that. Many different high-end portable vaporizers are going this route to cut down on complexity in their devices. The Crafty takes that to another level with one of the industry’s most user-friendly apps. It’s possible to change your default temperatures from the app, as well as control the functions of the LED light and haptic feedback. It also shows the current battery level, and even provides alarms and vibration to complement the device’s already stellar features. One of the cooler features was the ability to see, in real-time, the temperature in the heating chamber.

German Engineering
This portable vaporizer lives up to its “Crafty” moniker. There are tons of little design elements that make this device worthwhile. For example, it utilizes a one-button operation that allows more space on the device for other functions. Just open the app, and you will be able to change the temperatures set when using the single, contextual button. Then there’s the external mouthpiece that swivels whenever you need it, then hides expertly into the design of the device. Loading the vape is a unique experience. The Crafty comes with a packing tool that guarantees all of your material is packed firmly into the 0.3g chamber.

Crafty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickle

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