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With impeccable balance of form and function, RooR has become synonymous with high quality, aesthetically pleasing glass bongs. RooR Glass was created by artist and industry legend Martin Birzle in Frankenthal, Germany back in the mid-1990s. RooR was one of the first glass companies to really prioritize their customer’s experience, designing bongs with the more durable as well as more heat resistant borosilicate glass. The difference in quality was clear and RooR quickly became one of the most recognizable brands for glass bongs and glass pieces in the world.

Today, RooR is still known for their high-quality glass. Committed to excellence, RooR has seamlessly evolved along with the glass industry and technological innovations. RooR Glass now crafts each of their bongs out of 50mm x 5mm German Duran Schott glass; which makes it one of the thickest types of glass used in the industry. The superior durability of RooR bongs is furthered by using glass on glass joints. The artists at RooR put a lot of thought into the form and functionality of their bongs. The Tech Line pieces feature built-in debris catchers as well as have different perc options to choose from. Tree or barrel percs are popular choices for the neck of their bongs which is then augmented by a pyramid perc diffuser (which makes for a unique and highly enjoyable hit). Today RooR has expanded their line to not only include bongs, but also rigs and water pipes.

No other company comes close to RooR Glass scientific bongs and pipes in terms of quality or pedigree. When you purchase a RooR bong, you are not only investing in quality artistic objects, but also in a way of life.

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    RooR 14” beaker

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    RooR 18” beaker

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    RooR tech fixed straight

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    RooR tech 18”

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    RooR 18” colored beaker